SEO Tips to Help Newbies to Make Head Start

seo-postAlthough you have done the homework by working on the on-site features of your website, moving through the SERPs towards top ranks is never an easy task that would be completed in the matter of days. However, a few simple methods can put you in the right direction even if you do not have enough knowledge about Indianapolis SEO. Good thing is that it wouldn’t take much of an effort and you will be able to make the good start.

  1. The one website’s page that can naturally attract more traffic than any other is the homepage. Hence, it becomes very important to direct the link authority from homepage to very important subpages. Although JavaScript and AJAX are handled by Google in the better way now, it’s still the safest way to rely on HTML links. Although you have added the links of most important pages in the top navigation, the links of your vital products still need to be mentioned. The best way of doing this is to add these important links in the body of homepage.
  2. Most of us do not realize but it is the fact that image size has a huge impact on the site’s SEO. Since Google has been emphasizing on the site speed in a way that it has become one of the ranking factors, leaving the image resolution bigger in a webpage can be disastrous. There are rules for image size that can be followed in order to keep their resolution reasonable.
  3. Check for the page links of your website that are returning 404. With the help of Google Search Console, you will not only be able to check for 404 pages but you will also be able to look at the other website’s pages that would contain these broken URLs. Make sure that these externally linking but broken URLs are on the way to be fixed as soon as possible. The quickest way you can fix these URLs is to add 301 redirects pointing to the most relevant pages.
  4. One thing that you can surely do is hosting content on your website. Set up a blog page where you can publish articles and videos related to the products and services you sell. This platform is the place from where you can direct traffic to your most important landing pages and product pages.
  5. Interact with the others using forums and social media pages related to your niche. The main advantage of this discussion is that you will be able to seize valuable keywords before your competitors and this would definitely give you an upper hand. With the help of that keyword, you will be able to rank for a certain question or phrase and the best thing is that you will be the only one knowing answer to the question.
  6. You can remove hurdles from your way to the top position in SERPs by developing rich snippets. Rich snippets with valuable abstract information are something which the viewer would definitely link to view.

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